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Forum Rules

NON-COMPLIANCE may result in temporary or permanent removal from the forum.

1- The forum is used as a resource for those looking to enter the industry, grow their company or enhance their current offerings. Operators, manufacturers, etc.
2- Spamming or harvesting of e-mail information and other member/site information used for your marketing purposes is strictly prohibited. YOU MUST HAVE A VALID E-MAIL ADDRESS in your profile at all times and when you register.
3- Manufacturer names are allowed only in posts/topics if you offer first hand knowledge of the information you are posting. Do not post hearsay, second hand information or purposely post information which you know is not true. Complete bashing of a manufacturer is prohibited. It must be justified, no personal beefs.
4- Your opinions are welcome and appreciated however some may disagree and respond with disagreement. This is not an invitation to create an argument.
5- Flaming, inciting members to argue or otherwise cause disharmony is strictly prohibited. Use PM's if you need to settle and issue with another member so it stays private.
6- You are not allowed to openly advertise, sell or promote any item or service for sale unless it is used. If you wish to advertise or sell new products/services contact the board administrator for details. Sponsors ONLY may use the Sponsor Products" section to promote items, for the term of their sponsorship only.
7- Signatures may contain links and phone numbers ONLY if they point to your rental site. Sales sites are not permitted. CURRENT sponsors exempted.
8. Foul or sexually explicit language is not permitted. Pictures must be of clean nature as well. Staff at their descretion may remove such postings/information.
9. If you have issues with other rental operators, indoor centers, etc. your posts may be permitted ONLY if they do not contain that companies name, employees names, owners names, or city. Do not quote or paste items copied from their website, that is copyright infringement.
10. Administrators, moderators or staff retain the right to edit, delete, review or take other action on ANY post or topic. Your signature may be edited if containing info not allowed.
11. Posts made here may be published by Moonwalk Forum or its entities in whole or in part for as long as we may choose. We will delete members but not posts. By law, moonwalk forum and associated entities are not responsible or accountable for what members post. Members may be held legally liable for their actions.
12. Posts and materials published here may not be used elsewhere without strict written permission from the forum or its entitities. Post are not the opinions or views of the MWF or its parent company Boomerang Amusements/IRG and we do not endorse posts by one member over another or one company/sponsor over another.

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